Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ANNOUNCING "The Penniless Princess"

Today I'm here to tell you about a brand new DVD coming from VeggieTales this summer, called The Penniless Princess.

(Thanks to ThomasVeggieDramaFan on YouTube for the video.)

While I'm slightly annoyed that they're doing yet another princess episode, I love the story of The Little Princess, so I'm glad that they're doing this. I can't wait to see it! Of course, I'll keep you guys updated about it in the months to come. Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Your very welcome, Macy. Now I'm really glad I got the DVD of "If I Sang a Silly Song..", it was also the first VeggieTales DVD that I got on the first day it came out. (Feb. 7th)

    By the way, did you see all the new material from that DVD that I compiled into one?

    1. Actually, I didn't see it. I almost did, but I decided to wait until I get the DVD.

    2. I was honestly completely surprised with all the new material we got on the DVD, and I assume you will also.

  2. I have seen the video! It was really cool. We had an event at church on June 29th that showed it! I rwally liked the full version of the movie better than a trailer.