Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review of The Princess and the Popstar

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Princess Poppyseed’s life on her family’s farm is far from the glamorous world of her favorite pop singer Vanna Banana. While Princess milks the cows and dreams of a life on stage, Vanna has her own dreams of a life far from the hectic pace of stardom that leaves her feeling alone and lonely. On a chance meeting at a playground, Vanna and Princess cross paths and realize they look almost exactly alike, which leads to the crazy notion that maybe they could switch lives! In a flash, the girls’ secret plan is launched and Princess is whisked to her new life as a pop star while Vanna gets to live her dream of a life away from the pressure of fame! As Princess tries to live up to the demands of being a diva and Vanna learns how to milk the cows, things don’t go as smoothly as they would like! As each girl realizes the life they longed for doesn’t fulfill all their dreams, they learn that the life God gave them is the one for which they were uniquely and lovingly designed.

You can be a rockstar. Follow your dreams and you can be famous. Believe in yourself.

That's what so much of our culture is constantly telling us. A friend of mine came up with a term for phrases such as the ones stated above: "Disneychannelisms." And it fits very well. Kids turn on the TV to nearly any kid's channel and they're told that they have to be famous in order to be special.

And that's why it's so refreshing to see VeggieTales teaching that fame isn't everything- that God has made each and every life special.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Little Drummer Boy Is Released!

CORRECTION: The Little Drummer Boy will be released at other retailers on Tuesday, October 4th, not the 3rd, as I originally said.

I'm excited to announce that the newest VeggieTales Christmas episode, The Little Drummer Boy, comes out in Christian stores today and in other stores next Tuesday, October 4th and in Walmart October 24th. I will be picking it up soon, as well as the new VeggieTales Christmas album, Oh Holy Night.

Also, Big Idea released one of the bonus features from the DVD, showing how to make your own drum.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to review this new video, but you can expect a review of The Princes and the Popstar from me next Wednesday!