Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dance, Dance, Yeah! VT's Top 10 "Gourds" Of The Dance

For a show whose target audience (for the most part) was not born when disco was a thing, VeggieTales has had the 70's dance element in many of their episodes and songs. Even right down to the Bob & Larry Sing The 70's album! And being a girl with a penchant for oldies, I've always loved that they keep that disco beat going -- all the way to now, as Celery Night Fever is less than a week away from arriving on the dance floor! So in anticipation, I thought it'd be fun to take a look back on some of VT's grooviest "gourds" of the dance (see what I did there??). And that's far from difficult, considering the veggies have been dancing since the day Larry first stepped out with his tuba :) So I've selected and ranked ten of the all-time best dancers in the VT world for your enjoyment! Let's get our groove on, shall we?

(Note: I'm really bad at ranking things and picking favorites so if your favorite isn't ranked as you wish, just understand that I truly love them all equally and the numbers don't really mean anything. Also, I highly recommend listening to the Bob & Larry Sing The 70's while you're reading this)

#10: Barbara Manatee

For an aquatic mammal without legs (not to mention a plushie), Barbara moves like magic on the floor when she does the tango with Larry. And if you've seen the live show where they have a guy and girl do the tango in costume, you know she gets extra cool points for that number :)

#9: Gary, Greg, and Bruce, The Ducklings

Take notes, friends. These are DUCKLINGS. Doing a little soft-shoe barbershop song-and-dance here. These adorable little guys deserve major cred for their moves, though perhaps we should give that to Gelato... their Dad taught them well!

#8: The Scallions

These guys just have the best group dynamic in their dances. I love the rhythm and groove these guys have in "Oh No!", and their rap moves in the "Salesmunz Rap". Swindlers and bad guys they may be, but they definitely got the moves.

#7: Dad Rock Monster

If you're going to have a song about you, being an awesome dancer is kinda mandatory. The Rock Monster had no problem with that! He's amazingly flexible for a guy made of rocks. And this gif barely begins to describe his awesome... all his dance moves in the music video well... rock! #TerriblePuns

#6: Junior Asparagus

Among other awesome dances, he can tap dance without having feet. Now that's what I call skillz...

#5: Awful Alvin

He might be from the LarryBoy cartoon, but not including him would be completely wrong. Being able to use one's roots as arms and legs make dancing even easier to do when you're a veggie, and he definitely makes good use of those limbs! Alvin's villainous dance of villainy is some kinda epic, and somehow he does all of it with a lamp. Like. A. Boss. He shimmies with badness. "DANCE WITH ME LAMPY!"

#4: Jean-Claude & Philippe

These two might not be the first characters to come to your mind when you think of VT's best dancers, but they do have their own segment, "The Latest Dance Craze With Jean-Claude And Philippe", so the fact that these two are already on the pulse of what's popular says something. On top of that, they introduced the Hopperena to the rest of us. Oh, and did we mention they're basically heads? It takes an awful lot of skill to dance awesomely without arms, legs, or much of a body! If the Hopperena isn't enough proof, just watch them on "Keep Walking" or "Steak And Shrimp"; these two put us Americans to shame...

#3: Khalil

Khalil is a caterpillar-worm of many talents. Rug salesman, rapper, dead ringer for Don Knotts, skilled metalworker. His motivation tapes should've said something among the lines of "You are a great dancer", because THAT. HE. IS. I mean... seriously, I can't stop watching this gif.

#2: Jimmy Gourd/Dr. Jiggle/Mr. Sly

It would be a crime not to mention the star of Dr. Jiggle And Mr. Sly in this lineup! Jimmy got groove, peeps. And while we love Dr. Jiggle for who he is, we must applaud the fact he's doing that dance in an incredibly tight spleen-bruising leisure suit. Off the show, he's still a legit disco veggie, as he's the host of the roller rink party on the 70's album, and the main vocals on "Funky Town". What can we say? Gourds just wanna have fun! (Wrong era, I know, I know... but the 80's album's awesome too!)

#1: Larry The Cucumber

It was hard to pick the #1 dancer, but Larry was kind of the only one who can hold this spot. He's like butter on a bald monkey! He's out-of-sight, dynomite! All the vegetables wish to dance as he! And he's been doing it since the beginning and still does it today! I believe that the #1 spot belongs to the master of silliness, Larry The Cucumber himself!

So wow... I hope all those gifs made up for my hiatus these last few weeks! Anyway, what do you think? Who do you think should've taken the top spot? How would you've ranked them? And remember, I love them all equally really :) So anyway, here's the trailer for Celery Night Fever to help you get excited if these dancing veggies haven't yet!

- Chandler

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