Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Chat With Larry And Archibald (For Realz!)

So depending on how long you've been a VeggieTales fan, you might've heard of Big Idea's old magazine What's The Big Idea?. It was kinda one of the best magazines probably ever and I so wish Big Idea would revive it someday down the road. It had games and coloring pages, of course, but it also had lots of behind-the-scenes articles, a fanart page, and all sorts of cool VT stuff for all ages! I was fortunate enough to dig up some old issues, and the fun stuff they had! One of such fun things was an interview with Larry The Cucumber and Archibald Asparagus on Larry-Boy And The Rumor Weed, in anticipation of its release. It's absolutely hilarious and clever and makes me really miss this great publication. Especially considering Big Idea evidently planned to do a new magazine back in '06 but never did. So anyway, here's the original interview, written down from the long-since-recycled old July '99 WTBI! Read on!

Recently, What's The Big Idea? had the opportunity to sit down with the stars of the latest Veggietales video, Larry-Boy and The Rumor Weed (and the latest audio release, Larry-Boy: The Soundtrack). Grab some popcorn, sit by a roaring fire, and discover what Larry-Boy and Archibald, aka Alfred, have to say about their latest releases.
WTBI: You two are starring in the second Larry-Boy video this summer. What was it like to be doing a sequel?
LB: Umm... I guess it's kind of like having a pet pig who has a bunch of different brothers who want to come and visit. The first pig brother comes, and maybe his name is Dennis. He's nice, but he eats all your food and he gets your carpet dirty. Then another pig brother comes and maybe his name is William. Well, William is even bigger and he eats your lawn, breaks your dishes, and squeezes the toothpaste from the middle. Then you tell your pet pig that his brothers are a bunch of pigs... and he says, "oink, oink, oink." Then you remember, "Oh, yeah! They're pigs..." That's kind of like being a superhero and doing sequels.
AA: What?
LB: I'm using my superhero powers to make an analogy.
AA: Perhaps you could use them to make sense.
LB: What?
AA: I loved doing this sequel! I was able to design and build a brand-new Larry-Mobile, come to the rescue, and perform my own stunts! What more could a butler ask for?!
LB: Wait... it was like having the eye of the tiger and fighting Mr. T, and then having the wrath of Khan and fighting Mr. Rourke.
WTBI: Uh... yes. Tell me, were there any big differences on the set compared to the first Larry-Boy video?
LB: Oh, yeah. On the first set, there was a big fib, on the second set, there was a big weed. That made a big difference in the catering. The fib liked chicken and ribs. The weed pretty much just ate peat moss. I'm not a big fan of peat moss.
AA: There was vastly superior technology in the Larry-Mobile second time around. Global positioning, boring mechanisms, airbags. We had a lot of technical support people running around. I think there may have even been a chap from NASA taking notes. Plus, all that peat moss.
LB: ...I hope we never do a show with a giant fly.
WTBI: I see. Archibald, you play the part of Alfred, Larry-Boy's butler. Do you have any exciting scenes of your own in the next video?
AA: Exciting?! Such excitement is seldom seen! I am able to ride my motor scooter down a dirt road, give crucial operating instructions to Larry-Boy over an advanced 2-way radio, and do battle with a giant weed!
LB: You didn't do battle with it, it picked you up and whipped you around like a wet noodle.
AA: WHAT? I will not be compared to a wet noodle.
LB: OK, it picked you up and whipped you around like a wet crumpet.
AA: That's better.
WTBI: Tell us more about the Larry-Boy costume. Is it uncomfortable?
LB: Well... since I'm a superhero, I can handle it. But try dipping yourself in wax and doing sit-ups... or jogging in rubber boots with no socks... or dancing in a zip-lock tuxedo. Get the picture?
WTBI: Quite clearly. Now, Archie, what was your first big break in acting?
AA: Shakespeare in the park. I was the dagger in Macbeth.
WTBI: Larry-Boy, after your last movie you mentioned something about a new line of Larry-Boy action figures. Any news on that?
LB: Well, now they've got that cushy little bean bag Larry-Boy and that's pretty cool. But I'm waiting for the plastic. You know you're a real superhero when you're plastic. It's kind of like being inducted into the superhero hall of fame. They day a kid pulls me out of a six-piece chicken nuggets meal and finds a stray french fry in one of my super-suction ears will be my best day ever.
WTBI: OK... There's a lot of talk about the new Larry-Mobile. Can you tell us about it?
AA: A splendid piece of machinery. A mechanical work of art. It can drive, it can fly, it can bore through solid granite.
LB: And solid peat moss.
AA: ...Yes.
LB: It even has an air bag and a crumple frame. Hey Archie, did you ever notice "crumple" sounds like "crumpet"? I want a car with a crumpet frame.
WTBI: Let's see, next question -- what do you like most about the story in Larry-Boy and The Rumor Weed?
LB: I liked how Junior and Laura learned that spreading bad words about people can really cause a lot of trouble, but that when we say nice things about people, good things happen!
AA: I like how, at the end, I wasn't eaten by that giant weed.
WTBI: So what else is in the future for LarryBoy's career?
AA: I'd say another newly refurbished Larry-Mobile and enhanced communication devices.
LB: With a crumpet frame?
AA: We'll see...
LB: I think I'm going to learn how to fire both of my super-suction ears off at the same time, I just need to work on my concentration. And I'd like a new bike... and a pony. Uh, wait... what was the question?
WTBI: Never mind.

Hmm... LarryBoy And The Giant Fly... has a certain ring to it! Haha
Anyway, awesome interview, right?? Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

- Chandler

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