Friday, June 22, 2012

Interviews, Podcasts and More

 Hey Veggie fans! Today I have a few neat things to show you. First off, some videos of a radio interview that Moody Radio did with Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki back in December.

Next up, Phil Vischer's speech at Liberty University back in January.

And lastly, I must tell you all that Phil has started a podcast. Its lots of fun to listen to, and I would highly recommend that you either go to and give it listen, or subscribe to it on iTunes.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Trailer for The League of Incredible Vegetables

I didn't expect it to come until later this summer, but surprisingly enough, we have the first trailer for the first LarryBoy episode in six years, The League of Incredible Vegetables. Which, as another surprise, doesn't have the word LarryBoy in the title.

It looks amazing, doesn't it? I'm going to give it a quick review here.

0:05-0:13 Dr. Flurry looks really cool (no pun intended). He seems like the typical mad scientist kind of villain, but that's not something we've seen before in VeggieTales (except for in the 2D LarryBoy videos, perhaps). And he has penguin henchmen! How neat is that?

0:20-0:36 I really like these superhero costumes. They're pretty simple, but I guess I should have expected that. It seems like it would be difficult to design anything more complicated for a vegetable. And it wouldn't really be necessary anyway. The names of the superheros are pretty imaginative as well. I expected Bob to just be called The Red Wonder or Bobin like he called himself in LarryBoy and the Bad Apple. But nope, they decided to come up with something more creative and decided on the name Thingamabob, which was just genius.

0:37-0:39 The super vehicles. Let's see, we've got the LarryMobile, a helicopter thing which I'm assuming is Bob's, a shoe-car thing that is obviously Petunia's, and little car that could belong to either Junior or Lunt. Cool stuff. But where's the fifth one? It seems like the LarryCave is keeping its design from Bad Apple, which is good.

0:44-0:48 Wow, that logo looks awesome! And that is really all I can say about it.

Are you excited yet? Because I definitely am! This looks to be the best thing that the veggies have done in several years. And its coming to a store near you October 2012.