Friday, May 6, 2011

Review of Pistachio- The Little Boy That Woodn't

From the Cover
Once upon a time, a lonely toymaker named Gelato decided to carve a little boy out of wood. Imagine his surprise when he learned that his little toy boy could walk... and talk... and definitely had a mind of his own! When Pistachio tries to do things his way he lands in a"whale" of a situation! Will he decide to listen to the wisdom of a loving father in time enough to save his whole family from becoming fish food?

I have to say, Pistachio is probably one of Junior's best (and cutest) roles ever. I thouroghly enjoyed how childlike he was, and he did well in the role of the rebelious son. Gelato is a nice character as well. Some say that Dad Asparagus would have fit the part better, but personally I think Larry was a better choice. We don't get to see him in a father role very often, and it was fun to see that in this show. Khalil made a return in this episode as the character of Cricket. He provides much of the humor.

I liked the whole "Extreme Makeover: Crying Edition" thing, but I think that it would have been a better idea to replace the word "crying" with "countertop." I understand why they used that word, but the title as it is doesn't make much sense, "Extreme Makeover: Countertop Edition" would have been the more logical choice. But as far as all the changes go, I don't really have any problems, except for the cutting on the theme song. I really wish they had kept the second verse.

The story, as far as I can tell, follows the original tale of Pinnochio pretty well, but I haven't seen the original movie or read the book, so it's hard for me to tell exactly how faithful it is. The songs are all pretty good, especially the Silly Song, Where Have All The Staplers Gone and the song sung by the Scallions.

The references to Jonah were funny, especially for long time fans. I also got a kick out of the fact that the ducklings were playing Monopoly. The lesson was really good as well. I give Pistachio a rating of 3.5/5 stars.

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