Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review of Happy Together

From the Cover:
"What makes you happy? Join Larry and his Veggie pals on a quest to find out what true happiness is all about! Featuring 3 classic stories with lessons on forgiveness, courage and friendship! PLUS... funny and thought-provoking moments from the Veggie Kids (as voiced by real children) sharing their take on what true happiness really means!"

Even though Happy Together is a compilation of three already released episodes, the twenty minutes or so of all-new animation will probably make it worth you 10-12 bucks, especially if you like cute little kids talking about happiness.
The little veggie kids (voiced by real children) are absolutely adorable, and as I said, they pretty much make it worth buying the DVD. On the bonus features there is a behind the scenes video of them that is just really cute. And the little bits with Larry and Mr. Lunt made things fun.

The animation on the new segments certainly was much better than it was on It's A Meaningful Life and Sweetpea Beauty, which gives me hope that the technical quality of the new shows will continue to improve.

My one big complaint about this is that, most likely due to timing issues, they used the edited-for-television version of Esther rather than the full one. Several of the best scenes were cut, including the entire scene with the "Jackson" joke and the scene with Mordecai and Haman at the palace gates. It felt really choppy, and even though I understand why they decided to use the edited version, I wish they hadn't. So that was a little disappointing.

If you are wondering if getting this DVD is worth it, I'd say even if you already have the episodes and in spite of what they did to Esther, go for it. They kids are cute, Larry is cute, and it makes a great way to introduce people to VeggieTales. I give this DVD a rating of 3.5 stars.

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